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Default Oldman's Burden! A Marine Plog

Dear Heretics, Oldman here posting the start of my long over due plog, since being recruited by Khornes Fist over 2 years ago I been promising to do this, but my procrastination slowed me down and to be honest the level of talent on Heresy while inspirational kind of frightened me off. Well after realizing my limitations as a hobbyist and that my ambition outweighs my talent, I have got off my ass and decided to start, albeit in a limited way.

I shall be doing a generally vanilla chapter which will be an Imperial Fist successor chapter, I originally was a fanboy of the Dark Angels but went off them as I thought they were just becoming caricatures of themselves and I have always liked the sons of Dorn. The fighting with one foot on the ground doctrine suits me personality wise.

The force I have at the moment is literally everything that is posted in the army painting challenge,( I have spent a huge amount of time stripping re-stripping marines in my quest for glory and not without casualties) but I have a zombie apocalypse stockpile metal/plastic marine crack to go through, and plan to have a dread and termie centric army as I love the models!!

So without further ado, here is my first offering, my scouts from the March army painting competition, which I'm very happy with.

And a wee close up...

Most of my paints are from the "old" mega paint set, the models were base coated caradon granite, then I dry brushed on several layers of grey going darker grey's out to dawnstone grey, I clipped most of the camo cloaks off the scouts and used gauze as the material for the ghillie suit, the bases are done with citadel basing slate and army painter ash grey flock.

C & c always welcome hints and tips appreciated just remember I may not have the skill to do it!!!!
Thanks for looking Oldman xoxox

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