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Originally Posted by hailene View Post
Since when does the Commissariat care about the PDF? The PDF is on the bottom of the totem pole.
I must disagree, and in more than one novel I've read of Commissars among the PDF ranks to kieep moral up. My understand is that it varies planet to planet, like the National Guard differs state to state here in the U.S. For long standing planets like Cadia, Nostrya, Catachan, Vallhalla, Krieg the tradition of having Commissars injected into PDF forces is quite common. The reason being is that many of these troops go on to serve in the Guard, and their units trained on PDF level for just that expressed reason.

Vervun Hive had one, I beleive Cain encountered a "Retired" Commissar that came back to service to fight for his planet. In numerous novels involving Cadia I've noted references to PDF Commissars being to stringent with the rules.

Originally Posted by hailene View Post
Yes thats it. I had forgotten the name.

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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