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Knight-Sergeant Fortis is a natural leader of men, even amongst the legendary heroes of the 1st Company. Under his command, the veterans of Squad Fortis become deadly swords of the Emperor's wrath.

A veteran among veterans, Fortis was granted command of his own assault terminator squad after his own knight-sergeant was slain during an ill-fated search and destroy mission aboard the twisted space hulk Hope's Folly near the Maelstrom Zone. Captured and tortured by Red Corsairs renegades residing deep within the hulk, Knight-brother Fortis was able to escape by feigning unconsciousness until he was unshackled from the interrogation table to be dragged to a holding cell. Overpowering his handlers in spite of a broken rib and a severed left hand, he took up their weapons and managed to free a handful of battle brothers from the adjoining cells before sabotaging the renegades' lair with explosives and escaping in a stolen gunship.

Today, Knight-Sergeant Fortis is the heart of his squad, leading by example and always encouraging those around him to give all for the Emperor. It is through Fortis' astute leadership that Ius learns to push the limits of what the Codex deems appropriate for assault terminator maneuvers. Through Fortis' leadership, Tauros' unbridled rages are brought to heel or effectively set loose upon the foe. Through Knight-Sergeant Fortis, this mighty squad becomes even greater than the sum of its parts, its actions the changing the fate of entire worlds.

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