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Knight-brother Argos was once a gregarious and good-natured warrior. However, after an incident in which his entire squad of assault terminator brethren were slain, he has become brooding and taciturn. Ordered to hold the breach in an imperial hive-city against hordes of tyranid bio-monstrosities for days on end, he watched as his battle brothers were eventually torn apart or dragged under waves of the mindless, scuttling beasts. Although Argos' stalwart defense of the breached walls bought time for the hive-city to ferry its nobility and some of the working-class population off-world, the planet was overrun by the xenos onslaught. Alone amidst a roiling sea of scything talons, Argos and what remained of his fallen comrades were teleported aboard the Dauntless Shield. As this legendary battle-barge retreated from high orbit, cyclonic torpedoes glassed the planet's surface, denying the Tyranid fleet its coveted biomass at a heavy cost in human lives.

Now Argos fights with the grim resignation of a man who knows that humanity's end-times are coming, but is determined to sell his life dearly to protect mankind for a few more days and bloody the enemy's nose in the process. On his shoulder, Knight-brother Argos bears a ragged tabbard recovered from the ichor-soaked armour of his former terminator sergeant. Upon it, Argos has written the names of his fallen squad mates, as well as an Imperial Aquila painted with his own blood.

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