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Knight-brother Volanus is another relatively recent addition to Squad Fortis. However, he has centuries of experience in several of the battle companies and reserve companies. He served for many years as a sergeant within the 8th company—a dedicated assault company, before his ascention to knighthood as a veteran-sergeant of an assault squad within the 4th company. From there, he was quickly inducted into the 1st to replenish its fighting strength after recent losses suffered defending a minor forge-world from Waaagh! Gruglug.

A consummate assault specialist, Volanus pushes the speed and agility of his armour's servos and fibre bundles to their absolute limits in order to maintain a surprising amount of quick and deadly grace in battle despite his cumbersome armaments. On the battlefield, he fights with a passion that inspires guardsman and battle-brother alike, and spurs them toward greater acts of valor. His personal heraldry takes the form of an eagle's head, and truly, he embodies this creature as he flies at the enemy line, swooping in for the swift, killing blow.

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