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When a Shadow Guardian has fought in enough theaters of war to ascend to veteran status within the chapter, he is ceremonially knighted by senior staff among the chapter and assumes the honorific of "Knight-brother" from that day forward.

Knight-brother Ius is the newest recruit in Squad Fortis. Having only recently been inducted into the first company, he is still relatively young to receive the honor of entering combat wearing a suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armour. Ius strives in all things to adhere dogmatically to the teachings of the Codex and the orders of his superior officers. Perhaps his junior status makes him unwilling to improvise. Yet, Ius is a seasoned warrior, eminently capable of of thinking on his feet when necessary, and more than a little lucky. Otherwise he would not have risen so swiftly into the ranks of the First Company. He is also selfless, ever willing to charge headlong into enemy fire to protect his sergeant and battle brothers.

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