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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Whatever happened to playing a game for enjoyment whether you win or lose? Some of the most enjoyable games I've played, wether it's in 40k, FoW, or Bolt Action, have been the close run battles that came down to the final dice roll, many of which didn't go my way.
Yeah definitely. I have had many games that were lost literately on the last roll of the game, and they are the most memorable and for the most part I always felt really good afterwards.
I also really enjoyed entering a fluffy Thousand Sons list into a Campaign even though I lost about 50% of my games, everyone seemed to just enjoy seeing a fluffy list amongst a lot of competitive lists. It felt pretty good.
It really depends a lot on who you play and your attitude towards the game I think: If I am crushing an opponent I usually feel bad about it and will kind of try subtly making 'mistakes' to let them get back in the game a bit. Or if they have some horrendous luck I will let them re-roll dice if they want. Often this has led to my detriment lol But hey, whatever, I don't enjoy one sided games or games that are ruined by a few god awful dice rolls. I realise that is part of the game, but looked back I have never enjoyed the one sided crushing victories that were absolutely no challenge. You have to be a dick if you enjoy that. It's not fun for me, not fun for my opponent...Definitely not in the spirit of the game.
This is why I will avoid power gamers or those who bring netlists: I usually know who they are and I know they don't extend the same favours I extend to people I play, or the same sense of humour.
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