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Originally Posted by torealis View Post
The edge highlights look really sharp to me... wash?
Yeah that's one of the things I don't like about the pictures. They look a lot more muted in my hand. I think I need to try taking some with better light and no flash. They have been washed down once from the original test you can see here.


However you did remind me I didn't wash over the battle damage parts so I'll do that next time I'm painting.

Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
How're you doing the shoulder emblems?
Forge World transfer sheet. Washed with null oil to take the stark whiteness off them then battle damaged with the rest of the armour. A little old Devlan Mud in places too.

Originally Posted by revilo44 View Post
Nicely done minis. Will be watching this with interest. As I would love to do a Raven Guard army one day.I think they have cool fluff.
Thank you. Raven Guard do have great fluff, I mean, they're essentially space marine ninjas. What's not to love?
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