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Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
I have only one suggestion, apart from this one thing I love the idea and the execution. Please change either the wall sections around the dice tray at the bottom for the ones from the manufactorum kit or file down the points on the ones you have. With the number of hands reaching in there to collect dice, someone is going to get speared. I have a couple of tall towers built out of those kits and everyone I have played with and myself and my kids have all managed to impale ourselves on a building at least once.
This is a VERY good point. We've had a few incidents already in trial runs over the weekend whilst completing the build. Having said that, there might still be some merit in leaving a few on just to remind players NOT to rush for the dice!!!

Yes I know 'Blood for the Blood God' and all that but anointing your dice with blood could be going a little far.
Not the dice but I've already been through that pagan bloodletting ceremony on this build... TWICE... with the Blood God's favourite sacrificial xacto blade!!!

Don't leave us engineers with too much free time on our hands...
we WILL tinker around and build something!!!

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