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Default Nearly done!!!

So, this is now nearly done for the main build for the dice tower... all main units now completed. Just minor bitz like the lamps and other decor to be added and still waiting on the felt to arrive next week to line the rolling slopes and internal sides to reduce the noise. I've also found a nice set of 40k-Themed "Stained Glass" images that I want to print onto acetates to stick on the inside of the windows. Waiting on permission from the artist before using it though.

The daughter, son and I had a discussion on some rules to go with it as well if we decide to use if as a terrain piece in games. Any unit that uses it as a vantage point (say Long Fangs or Snipers) will automatically suffer a "S2, AP-" hit per model every time we roll any dice in it. In addition, if any model uses the top most level (where there is a BIG hole for the dice to be thrown in), the controlling player must roll a D6 per model on that level and any rolls of 1s means that the model slips and falls down the hole, takes a "S4, AP-" hit and lands out at the bottom of the dice-receiving tray... thereby losing the vantage position if he survives that tumbling fall!!!

Anyway, I digress...

So without further ado, here's what I've manage to complete to date. I think it is acceptable.

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