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Originally Posted by WarlordKaptainGrishnak View Post
Hey LTP, it's great to see you back on the boards. Excellent work on the Chaplain, and on how the Tacticals are shaping up. Looking forward to again watching the Lightning Hawks grow. Keep up the great work!
Cheers dude !

Originally Posted by SwedeMarine View Post
Love seeing your work. not sure how I missed any of it before. I will in all likely hood be stealing some ideas from you ;) (possibly begging for an airbrush tutorial after seeing your work on the Reaver)
Its been a while since I have posted. Lol that thing was epic. I will be getting out the airbrush for my tanks so keep a look out.

Originally Posted by Firewolf View Post
>> I missed this thread somehow, but now I've seen it....wow, yer shit is amazing. Very clean and the colour scheme for yer marines is notch. Have also looked at yer website. Told my wee boy that a girl painted the transformer, his face was a picture as he asked me "what kinda girl likes Transformers?". But he only 6!!
Thanks . lol kids rock.

I had a little bit of time this weekend to pick up the paint brush and carry on with the tactical marines.

I also received a nice parcel from wayland games. This will finish off the troops for the 1st company.

Since the last post I have applied the washes to all the tactical marines.

Purple wash - liche purple
Babab Black - Adeptus battle grey
Devlan mud/nuln Oil - all helmets, NMM, shoulder pads etc.
Blue wash - Seals and screens/plasma

I then started to build up the purple:

I then added more layers getting lighter by adding commando khaki to the lichee purple and then the final highlighting was painted with white.

I began to highlight the NMM parts of the marine and That is still WIP.

I am not home for two weeks now but hopefully I will have a lot more time after that to get these squads done and then i can move onto the vanguard vets and other terminators.

Here is a picture of my workspace to finish

Ciao for now

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