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I think the best way to play Fantasy is to play "friendly". So talk to your opponents, and work out a compromise where you can both play fun lists against each other. Competitive Fantasy is pretty much exactly what you said, because there is no reason NOT to take a Level 4, 2 level 2s and a BSB and just win the magic phase with one of the broken rulebook lores.

Even something as simple as "Every army has to use the magic in their codex, the rulebook is off-limits" or "get rid of the 6th spell in every rulebook lore, shift every spell up a slot, and allow people to drop down to 1 instead of having a signature slot" are decent fixes to how stupid the magic phase has become, but the best way to address it is simply to admit you don't want to play "optimally" and instead want to play for fun. So the only army I have is Tomb Kings, and I run it with 2x Level 2s with the TK lore, both with Flying Cloaks supporting a 12-chariot block with 2x Necrosphinxes. The fastest Undead you'll ever meet! But it gets hard-countered by Cannons, so we have an agreement that people won't take more than 1. In return, if someone plays an army that doesn't have a great answer to Necrosphinxes (like Ogres) then I'll drop them in favour of something else. It's a lot more collaborative than 40k, I find.

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