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It sounds like you've fallen into the trap you often see new players rolling with. Line up walk strait forward and hope your magic out does their magic so the strait lineup swings in your favor. I often refer to 40k as a game of anti tank guns shoot tanks, anti infantry guns shoot infantry and it seems your cannons shoot cannons, infantry fights infantry is you trying to follow a 40k playstyle. But what happens when your cannons ignore theirs? Ever tried putting it on a flank and shooting into the side of a horde? Imagine what you could do if a 40k lascannon hit all the infantry in its path? Would it still be the case of anti tank guns shoot tanks? You say combat is a 100 of his vs 90 of yours situation, well when i play i try to manouver so its a everything of mine vs one or two of his. As an ogre player try running sabres with the sole purpose that they die but in doing so get in the way of as much as they can. Your very unfortunate in my oppinion that oiur army is very forgiving and plays well at a line up and fight game, if your friends have armys such as wood elves or brets maybe you could ask to have a play using them to hopefully learn a few tricks from a fragile army that you can take back to your ogres.

On the subject of magic this edition.....yes its game changing. Ive had a purple sun go across a whole gobbo army and win the game before he even had a turn. Was it fun, no, not for either of us and this will happen now and then but i dont see it any differently than a combat where one person totallt fluffs the rolls and gets stomped beyond all odd. Its a dice game bad luck will happen. When it comes to magic atleast defending from it i'm overly cautious depending on the situation. If i know theres a spell that can wreck my army early on i will spend the first couple of turns throwing everything i've got at shutting down the phase at the expense of late game magic phases. This is often one of the most tactical phases of the game for me trying to work out what my opponent wants to cast, when and at what. There is no big visual indicator like you get with infantry blocks as to where things will be cast and there is no visual indication as to how much force (dice) is going to be thrown into it. In addition as you move to larger games the big magic has a lesser impact, you still only get upto 12 dice, you can still only use 6 per spell but there is more and more on the table.

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