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InB4 'don't play blood angels they suck!'

I like NTAW's list. It looks fun to fight

Also BA are rumoured to be getting a new codex in about october, so don't let internet dislike for them stop you (on other forums - I've not seen too much on here it has to be said)

Having got that out of the way, if you're buying more at any point, look into a sternguard squad in a drop pod with combi-melta's.

Have you played any games of 6th edition? The nature of the game has changed considerably.

Now we have to play for points.
You get a point for first blood - being the first person to kill a whole unit (why I recommend sternguard in a pod - they give you a good chance of that)
You get a point for Slay The Warlord - you nominate 1 character to be your warlord, he gets bonus's. You both try to kill each others.
Linebreaker - you get 1 point for having units in your opponents deployment area at the end of the game.

After that, it's pretty much take and hold missions. I'd also look into fliers for either army - they can be game changing.
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