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Maybe I was exaggerating, but really, is it acually fair that there's only 2 real options to dealing with fliers? Your own, or an aegis line?
My local gw narrows it down to... Build you army around killing them, or build your army around hiding from them...
There's no real middle ground, a single guad gun is not very good at bringing down a flier... At least not before it's done siginaifant damage.
Perhaps limiting a fliers range, make it so they can't shoot within a 6" bubble of them? Unless hovering, So they can't shoot directly down onto stuff? Make it easier to hide from them, unless they make them selves vulnerable...
And sure... An Out flanking AV13 wall is good... But it can't deal with riptides very well, an assault cannon will take a while to bring one down... Or a lascannon for that matter...
I'm just saying that simple fixes really Arnt that hard, why have an FAQ set up if you just say we don't give a rats arse about the rules? If they don't care, why even have different editions? They could make money out of a balanced game... Release a codex, see that say the heldrake is OP, FAQ a nerf on it, and buff the spawn perhaps as their lacking, mess it up, spawn are now the new chuck Norris, everyone buys spawn, you've now sold a heldrake and a spawn to every player... Nerf the spawn, buff the chosen, now chosen are uber, everyone buys chosen, nerf said chosen, the codex is now balanced, people buy a bit of everything in the CSM range, and sing your praise for a codex well done. Release next CSM codex, rinse repeat across all lines... That was a simplified process, but the points there, in balancing a codex, you make errors, they could be accidental or deliberate, I don't care as long as they get there in the end, so people shift towards this new 'power unit' and you make sales... Repeat this over and over... I believe this is how LoL makes money on champions...
You have pleased the player base, bring in more people as they don't get their arse wiped every game and so enjoy it...
And the updates could be months apart... Have a monthly FAQ where they 'rebalance' each codex in turn, everyone will get there turn eventually (sorry sisters )
It's not that hard, it's a damn site better than going, piss off, let us bathe in more cash!

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