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In order for say a tank to do a 180* turn it has to stop! reverse one track and turn the other, so it losses all it's momentum, and once it's done crawling round starts up again the 3" off represents this, without crippling the tanks speed for each turn... It also means that they can't camp and pivot without counting as moving...
Same as bikes, they don't just suddenly start moving backwards, they have to stop as they do a movie style turn, then start up again...
And it's not just new books beating new... It means you can't do it, it doesn't counter it, just laughs at you for trying it... And what's your other option? Walk the buggers up and have an extra turn being shot at...
And it's not the aegis line that assault armies can't use, it's the quad gun, sorry, I should've been more specific, your saying I have to stop advancing, take another round of fire in the face in order to take some potshots at a flier which most likely won't kill it? Why should my ENTIRE codex be made redundant by a single unit in a codex, it's not fair. Sure I could just run rhino camping, but then I'm not blood angles am I? I'm spurfs painted red.
Make so that the heldrake is hull mounted... Duh... But that still means he only get 1 turn burning every other turn or more... I can take 1 round of heat and not lose the game for it, every turn is a no no.
Remove the ions overcharge, or make it so you have to super charge to get it, that way the thing can't nuke me without risking himself, or can't nuke me then hop 4D6 away...
Small things can easily fix the game...
And just saying 'fuck it, we can't be arsed, you guys do it' is not a good way to fix it, not everyone is blessed with the groups you may have in order to be able to chop and change the rules as they like... I'm sure adding a sentence in a units entry, or deleting one in an FAQ can't cost them that much... Hell I'll do it if they let me! For free!
And maybe your one army is good at countering eldar, that doesn't make them bad, it's like me saying my all plasma army laughs at a death wing army, it doesn't make it a bad army, it's just me bringing a hard counter... Does that make heldrakes suck? Cos I'm sure my friends paladin army will laugh at a tridrake list...
I think area terrain need some reworking as well, as well as you being able to choose the path your assaulters take, they wouldn't just run blindly towards to foe through a dense forest, they would skirt around it, or try to flank round so they are face-face with the enemy lord perhaps... As well as let pile ins for characters maybe be away from the enemy... My preist won't just sit there and take everyone's fire... He'll move, even if it means forsaking my attacks, fine, I want him out of harms way...

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