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Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
Tau negate all foot armies.... Heldrakes do too...
Heldrakes negate MEQ armies on foot with little anti-air. Tau negate Green Tide and Footdar and Tactical Horde, like all good armies do.

Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
Tau also negate any jump pack deep strike... Oh your whole squad just lined up for the PERFECT shot? Ok, take all back off thanks you...
Wow, new books invalidate old strategies. Who knew?

Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
Eldar just hide behind a wall... Then sprint grab all objectives and laugh as you plink of off their serpents or whatever...
Except when they're dead, because they're fragile as shit.

Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
You have to sink 200+ points for some armies to not just be tabled by a single flier! an assault army is not gonna get much from an aegis are they?
Most assault armies will gain from an Aegis - everyone likes 4+ cover as you advance, and if you're worried about the difficult terrain slowing you down, then use it to protect your fire support units.

My changes to 6th would be pretty simple. I'd add a single clause to the beginning of the book.

'Warhammer 40,000 is a game. The rules contained within this book, as well as within all Codexes, Supplements, Imperial Armour books and Expansions, are a loose guideline for how you wish to play the game. They are completely open to modification and house-rules - indeed, this is to be encouraged. After all, there is no one set way to have fun.'

That, or because some people seem dead set on treating the rules and Codexes as absolute gospel and running tournaments for a game system that is blatantly obviously designed not to be played competitively:

'This book is invalid. Refer to the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook: 5th Edition in all cases.'
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