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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
The chaplain looks great! Are you going to add text to the purity seals, or just leave 'em as is?
Cheers H! I will be adding some text and doing a few more highlights

Originally Posted by torealis View Post
Incredible work on that chaplain! Wow. I'll have to go back and check this thread out.
Thank you It's a big read but I am sure you will like the thread (not that I'm biased)

Originally Posted by KjellThorngaard View Post
Fantastic work LTP. I wish I had half the skill you have with a brush.
Thank you dude Practice is the key.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
Nice to see you back again. Good work on the chaplain, that's a great model
Cheers V

Unfortunately I cannot paint anything until the weekend so I have been figuring out exactly what I want to do with the Hawks in my spare time after work to keep me entertained.

p.s this isn't an army list its just a general overview of the first company and the physical models that will make them up.

1st Company Lightning Hawks: Veterans


Captain Cassius Nightingale - Command
Chaplain Francis Invictus - Command

Command Squad:
-Apothecary Kratos
-Veteran Sgt Aelius - Company Standard Bearer
-Veteran Sgt Pretus - Bodyguard
-Technical Sgt Rainer - Tech Mechanicum advisor

Dedicated Transport - Damocles Command Rhino


Vanguard Veteran Squad
- Veteran Sgt Drusus
- 4 Veteran Vanguard Troops

Sternguard Veteran Squad
-Veteran Sgt Diego
-4 Veteran Sternguard Troops

-Dedicated Transport: Razorback

Terminator Squad
- Sgt Fidel
- 4 terminators

-Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Helios (with terminator doors and extra armour ;) )

Assault Terminator Squad
- Sgt Paulo
- 4 Terminators

- Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Achilles

Venerable Dreadnought (my friend has the name so I will enter it when he's painted)


Veteran Tactical Squad 1
- Sgt Felix
- 9 Veteran Tactical Troops

-Dedicated Transport: Rhino (all dolled up extra armour etc.)

Veteran Tactical Squad 2
- Sgt Darien
- 9 Veteran Tactical Troops

- Dedicated Transport: Rhino (as above)

So that is what the first company will look like. All the models will be painted in veteran colours i.e. all troops will have white helmets and will look a little bit cooler than the battle company etc. I am hoping to design a display board for these guys too when I have some time off in the summer.

I will post more about the other ideas I have for the other companies later on. More new shiny models come out and then I want to buy more lol.

I am going to aim to get this company painted first and then move onto the next one or I will never complete it haha.

Ciao for now

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