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I has a suggestion...
Synergy Eldar, yup, thats right, that Eldar list who has the ratio of reapers to banshees to whatever else is thrown in the mix down pat, and can use them damn well (ie the reapers never move (with a 48' range they seldom need to anywys), the bashees are on you 2 turns too soon, where-the-hell did those storm guardians come from ect ect ect)

and you spend all your time fighting through all these aspects, and unless you are in annihilation, this is all time wated, because the guardians are just sittin pretty on objectives that you now dont have a snowballs chance in hell of contesting.

just a thought...

I dunno, I may be misinterpreting the purpose here, it may be the fact that its 12:46, and I'm on a short break from doing the final details on my space marines...
I duno: wacko:

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My fluff so far, plz read and give feed back

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