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Well, let's turn on the disco lights...

I hope he works for the army's big eye-catchy thing. Full well knowing that this is going to be his job (that and shooting things with ions) I ramped up the pizzazz, or panache if you will, a little bit.

Over the past months i noticed this trend of people using black background for their miniatures. It certainly looks very moody and makes certain colours come out much better. It also hides little mistakes, crappy painting and so on which for some people surely is a nice thing. Today on Facebook, which in some cases may be the biggest collection of bad miniatures photos in the world, I saw a picture that kind of took the cake. It was a black and boltgun metal painted mini with a little bit of OSL strewn in. That was visible but the rest of the model - nope, nothing. It wasn't badly painted (I think) and the photography wasn't bad either but it just baffled me how somebody chooses a matte black background for taking pictures of a black and dark metallic model.

It goes without saying that tomorrow I'll go out and pick up some black cloth. Because despite the fact that there are a ton of things I despise about trends in miniatures painting (or rather presentation thereof) nowadays I gotta "stay in touch" with that. Usually, when I start doing it it's often rather fun but many things I just don't get.

Anyway, the ramblings of some person who spent more than 20 minutes on 40k-related Facebook groups today. Five minutes really is the threshold before some of the things that go on over there get my blood boiling. But hey, if I still can get mad about the annoying people means I'm still alive, right? :D

Well, that turned dark and rambly quickly. It's good to be able to rant every now and then. What I MEANT to say is this: The Riptide's finished, I hope that you like it. Tomorrow I'll pick up a new background material which should lead to some really pretty photos as well.
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