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Thanks, @torealis ! Although I would say the same of your beautifully crafted true-scale marines. Awesome work!

Originally Posted by Saintspirit View Post
Agreed, they are looking fantastic, although I do have a smaller question (just note that it is not a complain of any kind) - how come their helmets all have different patterns (and not just the sergeants)?
To answer your question, @Saintspirit , I plan to give each of the terminators a bit of backstory. First a little history on the chapter...

While the Codex Astartes states that the helmets of 1st Company veterans bear the company color (usually white), There are many known deviations from this practice within the diverse chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. Although the Shadow Guardians are fairly close adherents of the Codex in matters of military strategy, tactics, combat doctrine, and organizational structure, they have been known to take minor liberties with the heraldic traditions set forth within the mighty tome. Veterans who have served in the first company long enough are permitted much broader discretion to add personal livery, honor markings, and even unique heraldic devices to their armor, as opposed to the comparatively younger battle brothers from the battle and reserve companies. In the above terminator assault squad, most of the veterans have made subtle changes to the standard armorial markings of the chapter--evidence of their long record of service to the chapter, even since ascending to the ranks of the Veteran Company and receiving the honor of striding into battle within hallowed suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armor. The half-blue helm of Honored Brother Tauros echoes his personal heraldry of the half-moon, which is also emblazoned on his right pauldron, altering the standard chapter insignia of the half-shaded shield. The Shadow Guardians themselves are never confused by such deviations from standard chapter uniform, because of their close-knit ties of brotherhood and their advanced heads-up display software, which faithfully denotes the squad and company number of each troop and vehicle within the Astartes' field of vision.

So there you have it. I will go into even further detail on the meaning of specific markings after completing work on the models. Thanks for reading!

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