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Originally Posted by SwedeMarine View Post
Very impressive work dutchy. And i just spied your work area in the Show us your work area thread. Your a luck SOB. and it also make me realize how much i miss Europe.
Thank you SwedeMarine. Yes I am very lucky, the girlfriend commissioned it from her brother because she didn't want the house "filling up with little trolls and ugly goblins".

Anywho, not much of an update this week I'm afraid but I thought I would share what's been going on in my strange little mind.

Firstly Deathwatch. I've been keeping a close eye on the other project logs in heresy (my favourite part of the forum) and have seen some remarkable people building some remarkable tall-scale marine models. It has inspired me to have a go at this as well. Its mainly been practising this week on some painting technics. These have mostly been NMM silver and battle damage wear and tear.

I'm hoping to use these technics to build a tall-scale squad of Deathwatch, hopefully painted up to the highest standard I can currently achieve. These would then be displayed on a diorama bases possibly with a Rhino and surrounded by xeno's. Not sure yet.

Chapters involved isn't too certain yet, but I'm planning a least one to be a Smurf (have to), one to be a Blood Angel (hark back to my old 90's army) and at least one more in my current DIY chapter the Knights Valiant.

Any way these are my thoughts at the moment. Sorry about the lack of pictures, but I can leave you with one.

While going through my bits box earlier this week I found the chap below who has somehow survived in said box over the last 20 years or so!

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