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I would have given the vindicator demonic possession, but I didn't know where to find the points because I would have to drop eitherr a reaper autocannon, the icon of khorne, or two plasma pistols. Also, I was thinking that because I didn't have the points, I may as well enjoy that extra inch of scatter modification the improved BS affords me. Same rationale for the rhinos, because I don't even always start my berzerkers in them. I took 2 defilers because I already have one from the big chaos army box and I just split the Chaos Renegade Strike Force with my friend, which is where the second defiler, vindicator, and land raider models came from. Also, the greater range of the battlecannons is a plus against many of the armies I face (many, many, many meltaguns and multi-meltaguns in my opponents lists)

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