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Originally Posted by DarkDisciple_Nahum View Post
Good man! Welcome. I love fluffy lists, there so fun to play. I would know I run Word Bearers and so I actually use a Dark Apostle, shocking I know.
I never understood the point of WAAC armies, it just seems cheap. Plus, something feels seriously wrong fielding Night Lords with marks of nurgle and spamming a fast attack list full of Heldrakes in place of Raptors and Warp Talons. The only mark they should ever take is either Tzeentch (prophets) or Slaanesh (pleasure of the hunt, of which they all share).

As for conversions, I already have the Warlord planned, based off an old RP character of mine. I'll either just be using the possessed wing backpack, or just carve up the backpack and buy Dark Eldar or Nid bits to make him winged.

On that subject though, does anyone know where I could get bird feet properly sized for the vanilla CSM miniatures?

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