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In my experience 6th can be just as frustrating as 4th ever was.
I played a game on the weekend against the new nid's My list was as uncompetative as it's possible for Guard to be as I just used the clubs army and a few necromunda models I had to fill out the points, The game was mine after 4 dice rolls, Mission, table edge ,and setting up longways plus going first. The Nid's were blown of the table by turn 3 admittedly his Tyrant gave him a negative modifier to reserves so did my astropath which kept a significant portion of his army off the table until it was too late but the game lacked the story driven cinematic events that make games stand out and it was less a valiant last stand of the guard more an excercise of reloading.
Fantasy also has the same problems were random missions can ruin the flow of a game and determine the outcome before a dice is rolled.

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