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Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
Those termies look great, very nice work.

The lightning is very well done and fantastic attention to detail on the line work for the half/quad colours on the helmets.
Thank you, Varakir! glad you liked the halved/quartered heraldry on the helmets.

Originally Posted by cole.mvb View Post
Dude you are an unbelievable painter, your squads look really nice and cohesive. Now for my 2cents..... the first picture I saw of your marines does not do them justice. After I got passed the first pics I was like whoa what the heck this guys the fastest learner I've ever seen.... then I realized you just had a bad pic I think. Other than that those landspeeders are phenomenal, o really like the use of the white eagle transfer that's cut in half. And the freehand work on your rhino of the scroll was impeccable, and the interior of the radar and buttons looked like an eavy metal work. Beautiful job.
Thanks, man! and I appreciate your "2 cents" about the first few pics. They do look pretty mediocre by comparison. Most of the first page is WIP shots of minis that have been subtly touched up over the last year or two. Truth be told, I got a little better at painting, but a LOT better at photographing miniatures since starting this Plog. Now I always use at least 3 different light sources, including one full spectrum light when I shoot. I also digitally adjust the exposure, shadows, highlights and color balance after the fact to help make the detail more visible. I might edit my first post with a newer photo just to convince more hobbyists to look over the rest of the pics in here, but it's also nice to just keep an unedited record of my humble beginnings.
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