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Originally Posted by Adrian View Post
I think a story such as this will require a long novel format so I glad that you are planning for such a large undertaking. The idea sounds great so I think, if well written it would be on my read list. The only way to really know if the work required (And it will be a whole lot of work) is worth it is if you love writing it and if you finish it. So, good luck.
Thank you for the kind words. It's going to take a lot of effort, admittedly - I'm currently spending my spare time reading, researching and falling in love with Ancient Greece.

Originally Posted by Beaviz81 View Post
Be very careful in how to write this especially the rape-scenes. I would point to the Belisarius-books, but I sort of have an inkling you already have beaten me to the punch there. Myths about Heracles can help as well as in Ancient Greece women was fucked for producing offspring, men was screwed for fun (sorry for the crude language, but I guess Dave will edit it if I have gone too far). So you need to set yourself into that mind-set to do it well.

Can you give me the premise of when he does what or would that spoil too much? I mean his life-run.
The rape scenes won't be too graphic. It's mostly something that I will skirt around, but it does, and will continue, to play an important part of Misthophoros. I don't want it to be off-putting for potential readers, but I don't want to omit it, either.

I won't say too much, right now, because it's still in very early development. My current project, along with Unxpekted22, is a fiction called The Rusting of Golan - So, Misthophoros has been put on a back-burner for a while. I'm not quite sure when it will take off, I'm hoping for the third, or fourth, quarter of the year. I've got a bit of free time, right now, however - So I may write a stand-alone about one of the characters which feature in Misthophoros, Orestes the Smiling.

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