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I'm glad that L.J. Goulding is working on Draigo as well, having read Kaldor Draigo: Knight of Titan, and I think he's introduced a lot of interesting threads regarding him both there and in Mortarion's Heart, but I still think he's got a long way to go before he fully redeems him.

The reason for my and others' dislike of Draigo, and by extension Ward, boils down to this: if I had to ask Ward himself to explain to me how all of Draigo's outrageous[-looking] achievements could have happened, given his prior behavior, how do you think he would respond? Personally, I wouldn't have much hope for anything resembling a satisfying answer, one that would increase the probability of his actions and his situation or otherwise help us believe his story. While I understand that Ward's attitude is just to help sell GW's products and may or may not accurately reflect his own opinion on Draigo or anything else he has worked on, the damage is done.

That's why I feel it's so important that a self-admitted "Draigo denier" is working on Draigo's fluff - so that I can go to him and ask him to explain everything, and so far, I feel he's explained Mortarion's defeat satisfactorily. Godspeed, you magnificent bastard!

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