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uh... I wouldn't call it either Gothic or Corny...

All the names have a 'latin' twist; NOT the Central American kind, but the "Romans who ruled the known world" kind. SM of the Empire do follow a specific set of subtle themes, not the least of which is (supposedly) roman-sec names {many latin names [90%ish], that were male, ended in -s- or -us-} and a Fascist Theocracy similar to The Holy Roman Empire IF extended to the extremes. The one race of humanity? Only the Technology of the Emporer? you question something: Die heretic? Its not a matter of being corny or not, its a matter of wanting OR NOT wanting to be following that theme.

My BT (storyline) are stuck on a planet between two Eldar Maiden worlds populated by the Saim-hann, so my story line directly states that I get along with eldar so long as no Psycers enter the mix, since we are all fighting Nids and Tau expationists anyway. And my names are my own; sergents follow a latin-name schema, for THAT planets population, but my commanders (and the random pimping soldier model) certainly don't... The next time someone doesn't like you fluff, 1) Remind them thay they are YOUR models, not theirs, and 2) come up with a reason for said names. Fluff can write off anything!

Lastly, when they talk about, "feral" worlds, I personally imagine a planet populized by humans who lost enough technolgy to endure space travel; for all we know, those planets are hundreds of years further advanced then we are today; but they are considered feral and backwards to the floating space barge the size of Europe darting between Star systems...
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