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Originally Posted by tricktroller View Post
yeah I have 6 metal ones and I love them lol. Not a big fan of finecast. Easier to model them and change them but nowhere near as good quality on the models themselves.
The problem I had with the Finecast Zoan is because you got to balance the thing on the base for a while and unlike the metal version where if it breaks, it'll likely be where you glued it, with the Finecast version it breaks in awkward places when he falls over (I had to redo the tail with a Chaos Spawn tail because it snapped in three places where the tail is at the bottom).

Luckily my Zoan stands up all right now thanks to the Chaos Spawn tail and placing a slotted bases onto of the large base (not noticeable due to the flock though)... but yeah the thing was a nightmare to put together and looking on ebay with people using modelling putty to keep it balanced, i'm guessing i'm not the only one who's struggled with with the Finecast version.

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