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Icon What's the Deal with Space Marine Names?

I've got two questions;

One; Why do 90% of all Space Marine names end in "S?" I've seen Spartacus, Leonidus, Levidicus, Cersus, Marus, Perios, Marius, Arius, Urius, Ursus...etc, etc.

Two; Why are 100% of Space Marine names High Gothic? I've read numerous times in several sources that Space Marines are primarily recruited from Feral worlds; i doubt the denizens of such places would know much High Gothic, if any Gothic at all.

I'm not complaining, I'm actually quite addicted to uniformity, but when my Space Marines get mocked in a GW store by some dude ten years senior to me for not having "Space Mariney Enough" names (Jonas Klane, Sarol, Roth Galus, Nessarat, Fresk...) I'd like to know if there's any basis to that.

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