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Hi Gret, cheers for the interest; I'll get a full list; games I can think of that are present are VRally, Micro Machines V3, Happy Potter Philosophers Stone, Jurassic Park, and I think I have Spyro 1 and 2 knocking about somewhere. Wipeout 3 as well I have a case for, just need to locate the disk (I guess I was terrible at storing). My Ex stole Crash Bandicoot, unforgiveable, I know =(. Italian Job I think is there as well.

@tu_shan, I'm sorry bud, you've just missed out on the WHF and Storm of Magic, sold both of those already. I can still do Insignium for £30+P&P if that's cool for you however?

I'm flying into Brisbane, mates one of the bar supervisors at the Bracken Ridge Tavern, gonna be setting me up there, then I hope to be settling in Noosa; the wench is a teacher, and I'm hoping to get into mining, so we'll really be going where the work is, but if possible it's East Coast is our goal so far. Gonna be doing a fair bit of travelling though on holiday, so I'll make sure to give you guys a heads up when I'm down that neck of the woods. And yeah, all three of those sound fantastic. I don't have a choice of poison, unless an available answer is "yes".

Whatever happened to Magpie, not seen that old fucker around for ages.

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