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Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
why not? sounds fun even if not game winning...you could like this article:
Great article, reinforces some of the ideas i already had

Originally Posted by LazyG View Post
It is FW so not 40k legit in all cases, but i wonder if you could ally in Taurus vehicles from the Elysian IG range - maybe even use them as proxy landspeeders?
That's an awesome idea. I really like the conversions in my original link but these are perfect and would save a lot of hassle.

Originally Posted by JAMOB View Post
For me, at least, it's way too expensive for not enough umph
This is my main worry, that it's great fun to build and paint, but falls apart mercilessly on the table. I'm not overly competitive by any means, but I don't want to get tabled constantly.

Originally Posted by Straken's_Fist View Post
Another option if you are looking for a scout type army could be Raven Guard.
Thanks for your thoughts mate, but this would be a standalone army rather than allies, and the RG tactics wouldn't add much to just scouts. If i tried to do another power armour SM army they would all end up with flames on :p

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