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Another option if you are looking for a scout type army could be Raven Guard. I am currently working on an allied detachment for my Salamanders, because it works so well from a fluff perspective (Raven Guard and Sallies are still really close friends ever since the drop site massacre, whilst the iron hands still hate us for it because they think we should've commited suicide by fighting to the last and have our entire legions wiped out...go figure), and also kind of fills the weaknesses of a fluffy Salamanders army: i.e the lack of Assault Squads, Scouts and Land Speeders. You could even take Korvydae to make Assault Squads troops if you are cool with FW: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhamme..._KORVYDAE.html

Of course, their scouts don't do anything normal scouts don't do: But you can scout move tactical squads and assault squads which is kind of cool, and Korvydae gives a squad hit and run to boot...Perhaps it's not the recon/ranger theme you were looking for, but thought i'd mention Raven Guard because you are also a Sallies player and they work well together in both playstyle and fluff.
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