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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Hi guys, just wondering if you're able to help me out, just listed Storm of Magic and the BRB for sale here. I'm asking for £23 (including P+P) all told for both books, but I'm willing to sell it for a little bit less to you guys on here, you offer it.

Both are in near enough Perfect condition, used simply for reading through.

I also have Insignium Astartes in perfect untouched condition; please name your price, and if it fits, I'll be selling it; bear in mind the current ebay price is ~£35 so I'll be looking for around £25.

I no longer have the desire to play this game that I once did, and am emigrating to Australia within the next few months with my fiance. Don't want to tug on any heartstrings too much, but being able to shift some of this gear and give it back to the community that's made my nights much better by browsing and chewing the fat and chatting the shit would be preferable to a random nobody.

I am also planning on selling a few random things to help with that; a massive jumble of shit CD's which never get played, PS1 games, a few PS1 games, books etc. Even an old laptop (an Asus k50c, perfect for a secondary knocked about laptop you can take to school and stuff etc; it's a bit knocked about, but has gone all over the world with me; worth about £380, I'm gonna ask for ~£90-100).

Thanks for your time guys, I'd appreciate any help!

I'll take Storm of Magic, 8th rulebook and Insignum Astartes for 50 GBP? Also where in Aus are you moving to? I live in Perth if ever your in my neck of the woods we should catch up for a frosty ale or larger or cyder or what ever your chosen poison.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
We don't need to use any military force to defeat the imperium, we'll just send GW legal at them. As soon as they see the first sign of a thunderhawk gunship, their IP infringement addled brains will go into meltdown - they'll smash everything out of the sky with cease and desist letters.
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