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Default Musings on an all scout army

I'm getting to the point where my Salamanders are coming to a logical conclusion - there's more stuff i could buy, but i have the majority of the units I want. Therefore, i need a new army!

I've dabbled with CSM, Tau, GK and various others, but nothing has taken off. Ideally i want some kind of ranger/recon themed army, and whilst Tau seem like a really good solution, I've tried to love them but i just can't. I'm a bonafide SM fanboy at heart.

The idea of an all SM scout army is something i'm interested in, and has been considered before. A couple of years ago I was considering such a thing and i found this:


It's pretty close to the vision i had in my head, and will be my primary inspiration. I doubt i'll get started on it for a while, but i'd appreciate your thoughts and please feel free to rip apart my ideas if any of it sounds stupid

So, here we go:

- The chapter will be homebrew, as a successor chapter to the Sons of Medusa. This gives me IH chapter tactics (not bad for scouts), and a good fluff link through the 'desert support' squads which the Sons of Medusa used in the Badab war.

- For HQ's & support i'll be running techmarines, both for fluff reasons and to take advantage of bolster defences.

- For the initial 500pt army i'll probably take a LSS, 2 x sniper squads, an assaulty BP/CC squad and some scout bikes.

- I've started building a small inquisition force, so they will be able to bolster weak points and flesh out the weaker points of the army.


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