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Default Not sure what I can do against flyers (Escalation legue, 1000pt)

So I am in a escalation league that increases by 500pts and adds a different slot each month, and I did well in the first month with my balanced list, but as it goes on more and more people gave up strategy for simple min max spam. Which is ok as most of the time my generalist list worked well enough together as a whole to handle most net lists but with no heavies I have almost nothing that can deal with flyers.

So my list looked like this
10 CSM Rhino, PlasmaX2
9 CSM Rhino, Melta
10 Cultists
1 Sorceror
1 Sorceror bike, brand
1 Helldrake

My opponent at 1000pts had fateweaver, and a lord of change in the same list each averaging around 320pts each. Turn one he moved up his two FMC and baked 4 bikes. In my turn I retaliated desperately by trying tp ground one of his FMCs because I could do little else. Caused one wound and forced 3 grounding tests that he passed. He then preceded to kill two units in a single turn with shooting and after that I could do little but watch as the game was auto lost. Needless to say I couldn't help but be a bit unpleasant during the game do to how little I could actually do and the fact that I had to make a special trip just to play the game.

So what else could I have done differently besides take a defense line and quad gun at the start of the league month.

Also unfortunately there seems to be many combos at 1000pts that kinda of invalidate the league game structure. At 2000pts this won't be the case as my normal list always has 6-8 flakk missiles, and a quad gun, but at 1000pts its kind of a auto lose situation unless I get stupid lucky on turn 1-2.

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