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Default Trick #3

Number three... (p.s. for all "beloved" foes, I will not posting for a while! Stay tune!)


I don’t believe, I know! I've seen!
In the darkness beyond the time (and space),
the path will be broken.
The pulse of a star,
huge and perennial,
will be the driving signal
of a theory of mankind…

Holy Terra, in time before history, 8th Millennium BC
In the city of Gerico, a Neolithic site of human habitation for a long time, almost even the inhabitants remember precisely by whom, when and how the foundation has taken place.
Thick walls of stones and rocks surround the homes. Some mighty towers were erected a bulwark…

Near the stairs of the Shrines of the Luna was sitting in wait Thot, the day was at its beginning and the heat in that summer, wasn’t still torrid and annoying. To pass the time waiting for he began to make calculations on the ground with a stick and few little stones.
With hurried pace and shortness of breath, looking around as if she was chased Šyn arrived.
“I finally got some positive signs! I think I have found out who he is and where Kur!”
Thot abandoned his calculations and said: “Good! Tell me everything! Where is it?
Is a male? How old is he?”
Šyn crouched near Thot catching his breath.
"The prophecy of Lettatia" is the right one, it reads:

the most noble of them will come back soon
it will be easy but not identified.
No object will need to know it,
his word, though young,
will mark his return ...

“So there! Now. we just have to get Mejiddo as we had indicated Kur!”
“If you stay alive leave tomorrow morning at dawn!?” said Thot.
Šyn nodded. “I have to deal with a matter, but ... yes, it should be possible tomorrow ...”

“First, however, we will pass by Kudz! Only there will surely find a caravan to joint for have more security for the journey to north!” said Thot
“Well! I'll see you soon!”

The sun had come just barely illuminating the lands of the Dead Sea and the two men were already en route to Kudz.
To accompany them in the short path had as companion Dheyron Cheldwaith, a bard, with his three companions, Ghil, Ataher and Drag, stopped at Jericho before reaching Kudz. By their presence was possible to thwart some attacks of marauders.

“The road up to the city of light is dark, but you can avoid this darkness with boldness wise!”
It was the verse of a song sung by the four warriors travelers.

The city of Kudz was an important step in the caravan, in particular the presence of his Temple of Universal Peace. The build huge and elaborate for that era! In his outer courtyard was possible to organize and find what was needed to make a journey.

Thot and Šyn being psykers recognized by lordship, could enter into the inner space of the temple.
They need information on events related to excessive float Immaterium that slowed the return to Earth.

In that place they found gathered many scholars and psyker. Thot feel the presence of a psionic of class extreme ... he was seized with dizziness after a psionic shock. A man who helped him before he fell said:
"Is that young guy who is so powerful! Wezu, the him name, has been here for a few days! If you listen you will know amazing things!
Sat not far from where he was the guy who responded to a question about souls.

“Souls are eternal, but them can be consumed ... by monstrous soul eaters. The times are short, the animation takes place with the formation of the embryo, the metempsychosis allows the coexistence and fusion of two, or more, different souls where the characters of one of the two, will be the ruling of the conscience of the person ... but this can happens only because you have activated the chakras… The times are short, the Webway became narrow… some thousands of shamans will have to sacrifice ”

Sitting not far from Thot and Šyn a woman pulled from a bag some wooden tablets. These began to vibrate in his hands, she took out three tablets, putting the other in the bag. After she put the three tablets on the ground and looked at them. Wezu ceased to prophesy, and turned his eyes to the woman and said: “Star, sword and Throne… the plays begin!”

Thot and Šyn went out this place and taka a look for who would have been able to accompany to Ar-Mejid. Soon they found three magos, the new order of Omnissiah, their names were Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar. Their caravan was headed in Mesopotamia and would be able to hold up close of Caesarea. At dawn the next day they left for Ar-Mejiddo.

During the trip commented the impressions feel in the meeting with the guy in the temple. Šyn said: “That’s an "emotion" felt like the only one time, when faced a powerful mad psyker at Issaar”.
“It 's true” replied Thot,”But in this new situation the guy was totally in control of his power, a true miracle!
One of magos near their hearing about Issaar intervened and said, “that place attracts runaway psyker since it was forged a mighty warhammer by cultist of Omnissiah … probably the device is no longer in that area but remains psyker-halo that attracts misfits!

“Great is the nebula that surrounds the minds and the galaxy!”
said Šyn, citing the shaman Ghmra.

After traveling for 80 miles reached the fortified city of Mejiddo. old as the hills but still never as their native Gerico!

Following the psyker perceptions were able to locate their friend reborn in the body of the third child as the bishop of the city. They managed to arrange a meeting with the guy who was not named Kur but: Gelyon.
He had not recognized them. Gelyon had agreed to meet them because curiously feel strange static shock in their presence.
Accommodated in a stand of the royal stables, Šyn and Thot caused the chakra’s anticipate opening of the guy, so he was able to recognize them.

Awarded the reminiscence, Gelyon was a river of words and stories! He reported that:
"Sea of Souls is undergoing changes, will soon no longer possible the metempsychosis! I've been chased by individuals who call themselves Harlequins, a kind of Eldar ... they're guarding a monstrous and sickening building, a craftworld they call Black Library, which is designed to contain all the cosmic wisdom!

Šyn asked: “why you were born here and not in Gerico?”

Gelyon replied: “As I have said time is running out! And because here there will be soon a great battle! Did you know that Magos had forged a mystical weapon?”

They agreed that "Yes, someone had talk us about that ... and what you know about the gathering of shamans?

“The gathering? Who have said this to you?”

“We listen this information into the temple of Kuds by a guy called Wezu”

“Wezu!? Have you seen him!? He is an outstanding shaman! Also he will be here!
It 's true the 1800 are traveling to the council, but someone will have to remain in Mejiddo to deal scourge!...”

After a short break, he said:
“A foe is concentrating its power in a mysterious cave filled with works of art made of a xenos material: prodigious and perverse at the same time: is “warpstone” ... the gods of Chaos are gaining might and it will be increasingly difficult to counter them!”

That same day as Thot and Šyn resumed their journey to the port-city of Caesarea where they would be shipped to the Anarolia ... the intention was to find out what the 1800 wanna do…

…Sed libera nos a malo!
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