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Default Show off your hobby workspace

I was curious as to where my fellow forum-goers work their hobby magic and I thought I'd show off where I do mine.
So here it is:

My basement used to have an additional apartment but it got ripped out. My work space is where the then bathroom was (that explains the tiles and the bad cement patch job).
The cabinet on the right holds my books, terrain, models, bits, and other misc stuff.
The drawers on the left are templates, extra tools, a roll of toilet paper (terrain and spills), wax paper covered cardboard to prime on, and empty model boxes to use as references.
Finally in the center we have my work bench (a re-purposed computer desk), paint brushes, cd player/radio, painter's masks, hobby tools, halogen lamp, current projects, digital camera, rolley-kit filled with more misc terrain materials, and a small waste basket for misc shavings and wrappers. Slightly to the left in the white drawers we have more projects, completed models on a castle display stand, and a Butt-ton of minis still in their clam shells.
It is rumored that men do their best thinking while in the bathroom so why not work on minis in one instead?

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