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Call me a madman, but I think I'm going to build 7 of the Skullcrushers as a retinue for the Juggylord. 8 is Khorne's stupid number, right?

I have enough Skullcrusher Juggernauts to make 6. Then I have an older metal WFB Lord on Juggernaut that I might be able to convert into a solid 40k version of a Skull Champion. That's 7. Plus the Juggylord makes 8 total Juggernaut Riding badasses.

Then there are the 5 "spawn" Juggernauts from the Bloodcrushers set. I've got a serious blood boner right now.

Bah, it would appear the mini jugger head is a bit too large to work with the flamer, but maybe it will be juuust right. I held the head over the area where it connects to the flamer, and I think it just might work. I took a picture, but it didn't look right. Cutting the base to the left of the head would help a lot, as well as allow me to angle the barrel straight instead of down. If they don't end up working, I think the flamer looks pretty good as-is. Maybe I'd fiddle with it to fit the theme of the mini.

And here are a couple of projects that I likely won't finish for a long time, but I had the camera out:

Plague Marine. Who hasn't tried their hand at sculpting guts and rot?

And here's my WIP Lord of Change. I plan to have the Grimoire of True Names draped around his neck(s) with a chain. There will be much feather-sculpting with green stuff:



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