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Thanks very much, guys. I love to look through other people's project logs and am always stunned by the creativity of others. It inspires me, and sometimes I even rip them off directly .

It's funny sometimes that I'll find logs from years ago where people have already done some of the stuff I thought was unique to my army .

Some of the bits are arriving. The chain cloak got here today.

SUCH A COOL PIECE. I really can't stress this enough. Too bad it was so expensive. There's got to be a way for me to make my own using the jewelry chain I have. The problem is that using superglue to arrange the links leaves behind blobs that fill in the links. I guess I could super carefully pop that out with a needle, or something.

Making my own would be the best option, because if each Skullcrusher had a cloak in the exact same position, it would detract from the cool factor of the piece in the first place. Maybe only the Skull Champ will have it, or I'll give it to the Juggylord or Wolf Lord. It appears that it can fit any power armored model, working in fantasy or 40k just fine.



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