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Ok, another round of comments, a few things I didn't spot before, or other changes I think you should make.

Originally Posted by McManiac View Post
Thank you for the advice this I reworked my list with it in line.

-Helbrute 135pts
Twin-linked lascannon
Missile launcher

Iam not sure about this. I know the loyalists can pull this set up off, but with the chance of the crasy rush into CC, I feel its almost worth preparing to get them stuck in. In my (Limited) experience I have found them to do very well in CC, so I would drop the ML. The Lascannon is good you are short on AV 14 killers so its a good addition to the force

Heavy Support: 166pts
-Havocs x4 166pts
Missile Launcher
Flakk Missile
2x Lascannon
Mark of N

Its a better set up than before, I think my biggest concren is with the lone Flakk Missile, one skyfire shot isnt going to change the game and you will be snap shooting the rest of the squad, if you have to keep your wepon choice mixed becuse of model availability I would drop the Flakk. Personaly I would drop the Lascannons for more Autocannons and if if you can find 100pts for some agis defence line with a quad cannon, but that squad with the havoc's and if you do need to shoot a flyer thats 4 skyfire Autocannon shots and a pile of snap shots

Also I reread the rules of ordanence and walkers and sad Defiler.
Thank you again.
And Yes, the Defiler is very sad this edition. Mine is becoming a Soul Grinder and its cannot turret a fortification, a starch built Vengeance Weapons Battery most likey.
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