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Personally at any list over 1k points I run 40 termgants with devourers in two 20 man squads behind 2 20 man squads of hormagaunts. Getting 120 shots in a turn is sickeningly good. I have melted two 10 man squads of terminators in a turn before, using this method.

Personally I am a huge fan of warriors with deathspitters. They are S5 AP5 whereas devourers are S4 ap -. However with my lists I mostly run them as 30 point synapse boosters with a venom cannon in each squad of 3. Gives me a 36 inch range S6 AP 4 gun to throw around every turn to contribute to taking out transports.

If you go for mixed squads of Termies to run up and blast I would put spikerifles on the front 10 and devourers on the back 20. That way everything has the same range but the ones in front are only 4 points a model.

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