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Default Just a short Tale #2

I know you've been waiting for something new! this is what BL has not yet ...


The dark atmosphere was illuminated by lights and fiery tails drop-pod fall semi-Iberian. The dull thuds of impact with the air detonations echoed in sequence as contiguous and apparently planned detonations.
Four aircraft descended roared toward the square of the queen, where no more than an hour before they landed other capsules. Two lean perfectly on the pavement, one fell into ruin, the fourth went to land in the garden of the Queen’s villa.
From the two drop-pod landed in to the square coming out 24 Chaos Space Marine of the Black Legion, the team leader cover in a gothic ancient and powerful armor move first to check the condition of the squad into the crashed pod: just 3 of the crew was alive!
“Brother Dacrux armed and ready to the battle” was the first to spoke.
The team leader nodded, after a static discharge of communicator said: “tactical squad ebony on the march!”. All preparing their bolter and training moved to the villa following their commander Juzar Shu.
They walk on the top of the hill and stop in front of the estate’s entrance called Queen’s mansion where two marine shot the gate hinges so was possible go over.
“Now let’s to gather with us brother in arms inside of the courtyard, then follow to the quest!”
“Sir, we know exactly what we looking for!?”
“Something of high value, as gene-seed or a might full device, we are her to discover and catch it!”.

from the com-link was a sound of static.
"Sir, we landed and all of us is ready! "
Juzar put his hand to the transmitter and replied:
"Well, we reach!"
There was no answer ... only the rustle of static ...
“Hurry!” said Juzar.

Crossed the line that divided the gate of the villa in semi-darkness, not caring about anything except to cross quickly that area. Once it broke through the door along the room until you reach the side of the garden where he had landed the drop-pod of the Black Legion bros.

Creepy courtyard in the light is dim, only the glow of tracer produced a pale light. In the barren park lay in silence the drop-pod, It found no signs of a struggle, but what was clear that companions of the vehicle had disappeared!
"They will already be entered in search ...!?"

"Mmmm ... I think that there is someone waiting for us ... hidden in the shadows! Carry on!"
“Now… where we have to go Sir?” Ask a brother
“Inside the villa! I mean, somewhere in the deep of it we found what we looking for… but also someone who do not allow as this!”

Reached a side entrance and follow the auaspex indications.
Just before entering heard a rustle, a gesture ordered the usual training group. They realized that there wasn’t a guard!

“Dam! Fast and accurate.”
“They are two! …were going to take me too ...”
“Do not waste time! this is undoubtedly the right way! find what we need and let's all collapsing!”

The order gave determination and courage to the squad.
Went down to the narrow stairs and dark dungeon endure numerous attacks, but the command "Stay close, get ready," was crucial.

In a dark corridor is freed of a series of traps, throwing a brick recovered from wall. In a intermission room, suffered a new attack from what they termed the: "twins shadow", managing to get all unharmed.

Reached, follow sign of auspex, a deep well. The commander Juzar threw a chemical torch lighting up was possible seeing at the depth of the bottom a cruel chimera. They gone in with bolter’s shots. So they could retrieve a device to replicate the cells of gene-seed.

Grab the device run upstairs to see again the starry sky. No one was injured, despite the attacks unexpected and terrible that they had to undergo four times.

Gylf and Ruhl undermined part of the villa before it is abandoned, then forthwith reached the square where awaited a Thunderbolt.

When they was sitting inside airship Dacrux brother told a story:

Once upon a time ... on a faraway planet in the Galaxy there was a family with four brothers and two sisters. One day a spaceship of Blacks Templar arrived on the planet to refuel and make repairs. They saw that the planet was inhabited by a proud and combative people, so they did a recruitment drive. Two young boys of the family, Igor and Efrem, were taken ... perchance! Before excluded, because apparently buried alive by a landslide, were hired because they reappeared shortly afterwards safely! Their ability to withstand terrible attacks and stay alive was the demonstration of their "holiness” said:" the Emperor protects”. However, they were not well clear is why, they abandoned their chapter. Maybe because they possessed psychic powers!(and you know how the Templars hate psionic power!) Does anyone claims they were charged with defending a precious treasure on a planet not well explained ... This is the legend of the saints Igor and Efrem.”
“Today their legend is over…” said someone.

From under the smoldering rubble of the Villa came out two individuals dressed in Lorica armour, both had a bolter and something similar to a Halberds of Caliban. They walked slowly but clearly determined, they had lost just a battle ground ... then a voice deep and throaty hissed: “What they've got... isn’t what they mean!”

They left the mansion of Queen behind them, along with fallen foes and comrades, the sky as to hide it all began to fall thick and heavy flakes of snow that seemed to be falling drops of a dim, night rain ...
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