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Good Morning.

Well not a lot of painting has happened since the completion of the Contemptor apart from the arrival of the Red Butchers.

I am currently working on increasing the Assault Squad from one completed model to five now(hopefully up in the next couple of weeks).

Kharn, ten MKIII Tactical models, bolters and pads have been ordered as well from Forge World.

Red Butchers, a topic that has been what can I say, torn people's opinions. Now with the arrival of the kit, I opened it up straight away and looked at them. The detail on the model is beautiful, patched up armour, different symbols for legion design, the twisted lost souls to the rage. The posing is a little less dramatic unlike Angron and Kharn but then again, looking closely and reading their rules they don't look like a unit that is defensive and is on all out Butchery.

Anyway, I have assembled one and under coated it and given it's wash base, so without further ado.

ZE out
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