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On the BS4 nids- Arnt tau THE shooty race? Bs 3
And hive mind see through their guns, I don't think their guns have the brains and advanced AI as tau and their guns do...
And also, your a nid, your bs 3, you should be and your were spoilt with bs4 IMHO
And although I haven't seen synapse so far, it sounds like a bitch, but it being out of synapse shouldn't give you buffs, I mean stealth because you Arnt being controlled ?!?!
Perhaps have it like, feed= rage and must charge the nearest unit! hostile or friendly as if you were their enemy. That way, they need a synapse escort up to the enemy, then you can let them lose which makes sense, and it's bad news if it goes wrong still...
Lurk could be must move towards nearest cover, and auto fail pinning when it's taken?
Or even just give more people synapse, so let brood lords be synapse, and let gaunts like a sergeant or a speacial gaunt, like arjac rockfist, who is synapse... and maybe they are only synapse within their squad for a sarge gaunt...

Either of those means synapse is important, but won't gang rape you if you play it right, or means synapse if much easier to acquire...

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