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Default New Tyranids - Minor Tweaks

So, after dealing with the initial shock of the new tyranid codex and internet-fueled rage, I finally took the time to sit down and have a better look at the codex. There are certainly so me interesting options in there, and overall, I think individual unit entries are much more closely matched, so there ought to be far more variety in tyranid lists now.

However, the codex still has some glaring flaws in it. GW can't possibly please everyone. Someone will always wish that something was different or better. Well, what follows is my list of those things. I don't think anything on my list is too wishlist-y, and I'd love to hear the input of others.

Before I go any further, I should add the disclaimer that I do not consider myself a tournament player, although I am a quite competitive person. So keep that in mind when judging the following opinions.

First, Instinctive Behavior. I understand why GW changed it to its current iteration. Not only have they developed a "random-table" fetish, but particularly in 5th edition, there was really no penalty for being outside of synapse range. Synapse should be (and now is) important. However, I think they overshot the mark just a bit. It's now too important. No other army is as reliant on army composition to function properly as tyranids are, and now it's importance is such that it's beginning to eat into the ability to build creative lists by having to pad the list with enough synapse creatures.

I can see two potential solutions to this. The first seems to be the more popular amongst tyranid players as far as I can see, which is to give our synapse creatures more resilience, particularly against instant death. While this would certainly be nice, it could quickly imbalance the scales as far as unit balance is concerned. If I were to suggest a solution along this route, I would probably add an addendum to the Synapse Creature rule like:

"If a model with this rule is wounded by an instant death weapon, roll a d6. On a 5+, the wound is treated as a normal wound. Roll separately for each instant death wound received."

This would provide a modicum of relief against anything super killy, particularly for warriors and shrikes, without swinging too far into the security blanket that is Eternal Warrior.

However, I feel that the bigger issue is that the random IB tables are out of proportion. Each table is split into 1-3=Bad, 4-5=inconvenient, 6= inconvenient with with benefit. I think if the table was adjusted just slightly to be 1-2=bad, 3-5=inconvenient, 6= inconvenient with benefit, it be just the little tweak the rule needs. It may not seem all that much, but personally, I'm far more comfortable with 33% chance of failure over 50%.

Well, that was a bit long winded, so let's hit some quick points.

Hive guard should be BS 4 again. They're designed to be shooty nids, there's no reason they should be just as accurate as a termagant.

Genestealers should have flesh hooks. It's absolutely ridiculous that the arguably most CC unit in the game doesn't have assault grenades.

Trygons need something to help their subterranean assault rule work. It's an awesome rule, but currently it's something that requires a lot of setup to accomplish, and random luck to get it to work at all. There are two solutions to this that I can see! and I'm undecided as to which would be better. The first solution is to let trygons start making reserves rolls on turn 1. This would give them the opportunity to get onto the board so that their tunnels could be used when the rest of the reserves become available.

The second, and probably less open to abuse, option would be to add an extra little bit to the subterranean assault rule that says, "if the trygon begins the game in reserves, you may select another unit in your army that is also starting the game in reserves. The selected unit does not make any reserves rolls until the turn after the Trygon arrives." This could create some interesting combinations and even invigorate some of our more lackluster unit choices (I'm looking at you, pyrovores).

Those are my opinions on some subtle changes that should have been in the he new dex. Let me in what you think, or if there's anything else that should have been different.

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