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Default Competitive vs Cooperative (Some of advice needed)

Ok; I know this is an old argument but there is some advice I need.

My best friend is just starting to get back into the game. And I have played on and off for some time. Here is the thing; he is an old 4th edition professional, meaning that he is super competitive. Not in the sense that he uses super cheese, but in the fact that he only wants to win.

Here is the problem I play games only for fun. I never play to win if itís not something important. 40k is no exception. How can we play together? I assume that errata is always in action, he says it must be stated beforehand. I ask that we roll on things we are unsure of; he states, if that is the case he does not want to play.

I want to play with him (phrasing), but I am unsure how to reconcile these issues...

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