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Originally Posted by venomlust View Post
Well, cool! Thanks for the encouragement, I'll definitely consider this. I can have a go at having the exact weapon I want without spending $50+ on even more bits. Kharn money...
Yep,40k is a costly game being a uni student without a consistent income doesnt help. Anything I can make myself I dont buy,especially if it can save me money. Playing Space Marines I need a lot of Rhinos as I like to run vehicle heavy lists, I am scratch building rhinos from ABS plastic.

Originally Posted by venomlust View Post
Mind blown. He makes it look so simple:
Yep, blu stuff is magic You are lucky to live in USA its heaven for all the custom companies that create this type of stuff. Otherwise shipping doesnt take 3-6 month to you if you have to order it from Europe or Canada.
Ive been thinking of using sculpting clay for casting mold(cover the model with virgin olive oil before you cast it so it doest stick to the clay) and green stuff instead of resin. Need to make more research on what is available on local market though when I get back from Italy to China :/.

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