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Default Seeking all chainaxes, help needed

I'm building a unit of Juggernaut-mounted Berzerkers, and I've made up my mind (more or less) to arm them all with chainaxes.

I'm trying to track down all possible chain axes to see which I like best. If you know of any GW kits I've missed or some 3rd party that has some, please let me know!

So far here are options from Games Workshop that I can find:

From the Berzerkers kit:

From the Forge World Cataphractii weapon kit:

From the Forge World Chainaxe kit:

From the Forge World World Eaters Rampagers kit:

From the Forge World Sons of Horus Reavers kit:

I'm leaning toward the Cataphractii kit, because I'm building 5 guys, so that works out. My favorite are the axes from the Reavers, and I do like their torsos, so that could be an option too. I also like the Rampager long chainaxe, which would work for a mounted Berzerker.

I think no matter which axe I use (except the long chainaxe) I'd be adding a longer haft to account for the fact that they're cavalry. They wouldn't want to lean too far out to the side to strike, so a longer weapon seems like a good idea.

Thoughts? You know of anything I should see?
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